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Help Free Treatment for Poor People in Rural area

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My name is Amarjeet Bharti and I am raising money for free treatment poor people.
We have almost opened Six Clinics in Rural area. More clinics are to be opened so that maximum number of people can get free treatment.
We have seen so many people around us who are so much financially weak that they can't even pay the bills of Doctors for their treatments. Some of them are so weak due to their critical diseases, even can't do their natural daily routine their selves therefore, thrown out from their home. We have to open the Hospitals to treat them, have to help by providing free treatments. So that we will get rise the sun in their lives.

Suryoday India has taken a resolution to look after old people, to take care of children, marriage the young girls of the helpless, needy, financially weak families and monetary help to the Martyr's families. So, Please come forward and step towards with us, So that we will get rise the sun in all needy people's life.
You are requested to give as many donations as possible.

Per patient Medicine Approx. Rs. 300, Doctor Fees 200 Total = 500
Per Clinic Treatment Approx. 50 to 75 patient per day.
Total 6 Clinic to treatment Approx. 400 to 500 patient per day

Thank you.

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