Membership Policy

Suryoday India solicits and accepts Donation/gifts for purposes that will help the organization further and fulfill its mission. 
Suryoday India urges all prospective donors to seek the assistance of
personal legal and financial advisors in matters relating to their gifts, including the resulting tax and estate planning consequences. The following policies and guidelines govern acceptance of gifts made to Suryoday India for the benefit of any of its operations, programs or services.
Use of Legal Counsel Suryoday India will seek the advice of legal counsel in matters relating to acceptance of gifts when appropriate. Review by counsel is recommended for:
A. Gifts of securities that are subject to restrictions or buy-sell agreements.
B. Documents naming Suryoday India as trustee or requiring Suryoday India to act in any fiduciary capacity.
C. Gifts requiring Suryoday India to assume financial or other obligations.
D. Transactions with potential conflicts of interest.
E. Gifts of property which may be subject to environmental or other regulatory restrictions.
Restrictions on Gifts Suryoday India will not accept gifts that (a) would result in Suryoday India violating its corporate charter, (b) would result in Suryoday India losing its status as an IRC § 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, (c) are too difficult or too expensive to administer in relation to their value, (d) would result in any unacceptable

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